How reviews boost your SEO marketing?

Nowadays, most people are aware of the importance of seo to succeed in the online market. Along with optimizing videos, direct answers, and featured snippets in Google, you have to take all-around effort to keep your marketing efforts up. There is one thing you should not miss in your SEO strategy- reviews. In this blog, we are going to review the benefits of customer testimonials/feedback/reviews and how it helps in SEO marketing.

1. Customer feedback drives more traffic:
Customers are excellent content creators, which most business owners do not know. Google sees the reviews as content apart from seeing as feedback. Whenever a customer shares a review in Google, it will easily crawl and index your website as per the keywords used in the review. Be it a positive or negative review, it has chances to contain keywords appropriate to your business, location, services, and product. It aids Google to obtain a clear idea of how your business functions, helping to occupy a better position in the search engine result pages.

2. Enhance your CTR and perform better than your competitors:
If your competitors are focusing on common SEO strategies such as search terms, coding and website navigation, then you need to concentrate on driving more reviews. It is a great opportunity for you to stand in front of your competitors. Installing rich snippets and collecting reviews for the website services will change the listings on the search engine result page. It means your products would start to result on top under the Rich Result Listings. It would appear with reviews. The golden stars under the product demonstrate the reviews.

Such luxury looking icons catch the user’s attention instantly and make them visit your website. Reviews help in drawing more trust in your brand, leading to high CTR than the competitors.

3. Increased interaction by responding to reviews:
Google takes various efforts to show the positives and negatives of a business, service, or product. Recently, it is motivating the feature of collecting and responding to feedback. When you notice the Google My Business page, they have mentioned interacting with clients in the form of answering their feedback and reviews they share about your business. By responding, you can demonstrate the value of customers and their feedback.

4. Google trusts reviews:
SEO has maintained one thing the same in the last five years- the significance of high-quality links. Google is clever and established the method of determining reviews just online searchers do. For example, positive reviews denote to Google that your business, product, or site is high quality and highly valuable. Google always displays businesses that have a high number of quality reviews on the first page – to help users get the best experience when searching for a service or product. Concentrate on offering excellent services to your consumers and gather high-quality reviews on the Google My Business page. Thus, you can notice your business appearing in the top position of the SERP.

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