Proper Care For Hardwood And Laminate Floors

Floors that are properly maintained and treated with care look good for years to come. You should follow cleaning instructions to ensure that the floors look as fine as the day it was done. Specialize in hardwood and laminate floor installation suggest maintaining the floors also helps you avoid pricey replacements. You can find out more about the different tiles available in the market that will fit your budget and style while remodeling. But flooring takes up a bigger chunk of your renovation budget, and appropriate caring for your floor can help you avoid changing your floors during the renovation. You can follow these tips and tricks to maintain your hardwood and laminate floors instead.

Maintaining The Laminate Floors

  • Every brand provides specific instructions based on the materials used, and reading the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions will help you.
  • Do not wait for spills and stains to dry. Tackle them immediately to avoid damages to the floor.
  • Avoid using abrasive tools that can scratch the surface. Even when you use a vacuum cleaner, use an attachment with soft-bristles.
  • Mop the laminate floors with a soft microfibre cloth every 45 to 60 days. Mopping keeps the laminates shiny and fresh.
  • Ensure the laminate floors are dry at all times. They are not water-resistant, and seepage can lead to warping and damage the laminates.
  • Choose cleaning products that are suitable for laminates. The chemical components can ruin the laminate polish if they are not specifically designed for laminate floors.
  • Add furniture pads and floor mats at entrances as a precautionary measure to protect the surface from scratches.
  • If you have pets at home, trim their nails to prevent damages to the floor.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

  • Sweep your hardwood floors daily. Dust forms everywhere, and it might settle between the floorboards.
  • Vacuum the floors every week to remove any crumbs you might have missed during the dusting.
  • Mop the floors with wood cleaners every month. Choose the cleaner that is made for your floor’s finish.
  • Use water-based polishes to add shine to your hardwood floors every quarter. These polishes also add a protective wear layer.
  • Refinish your floor every 7 to 10 years. This process will restore the wood to its original appearance and shine.
  • Avoid using water and soap for cleaning as they will dull the finish and leave a residue on the floor.
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house at all times. Extreme changes might damage the wood.
  • Avoid using string mops. They put excessive water on the floors and make them slippery.

Maintaining a proper floor care regimen can maximize the beauty and life of your floor. Removing the dust, dirt, and allergens from the floor not just extends the lifespan but is also necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of your home. Besides looking good, clean floors also evoke a warm feeling based on what you see, smell, and hear.

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