Why Is Furniture Quality Checking Important Before Purchasing?

It can be quite exciting to buy new furniture for your workplace or home. It is a long-term investment, and you expect it to be durable too. It is an amazing experience to spend time decorating your favorite items according to your preferences. If you don’t opt for Quality Indoor Furnishings, then the furniture can get damaged quite fast.

How To Identify Quality Furniture?

There are two main factors that you should consider when buying furniture: its composition and its construction. By using these factors, we are referring to the materials and the way the furniture was built. Both are interrelated because a well-assembled piece made from low-quality materials will show wear and tear as quickly as one made of higher-quality materials built cheaply or quickly. This guide will help you determine the quality of furniture that you want to buy.

Check The Composition Of Wood

How long your furniture will last depends on the type of wood it is made from. High-quality wood is best if you want furniture that will last for years.

All wood types may not be suitable for furniture as some may have soft features. Ask about the wood species used when shopping for wood furniture or furniture with a wooden frame. High-quality furniture is mostly made from deciduous trees such as oak, maple, ash, cherry, birch, and mahogany. These woods are highly resistant to cracking and warping and can withstand extreme temperatures. Avoid particleboard, pressed timber, and fiberboard when shopping for wood furniture. These wood substitutes are not of high quality, and eventually, they will start cracking. Also, pay attention to how easily the wood scratches or dents.

A veneer is a thin layer of high-quality wood that covers a lower-quality part of the wood. Although furniture may appear high-quality at first glance, it is essential to ensure that the foundation is solid wood. Furniture made from veneers may not have refinishing options and could eventually start peeling off. In this pandemic, if you find it difficult to find the right furniture, you can read the full list here about how to handle such a situation.

Importance Of Wood Construction

See The Wood Construction:

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for fabric furniture with a wooden frame or wooden furniture; it is important to inspect the construction of wood components to ensure that the furniture is well-built. To ensure the correct alignment of all wood pieces, check the joints. If the furniture squeals, it is because of the poor construction. Ensure to check if the open hinged doors and drawers are working smoothly. High-quality pieces will have very few knots even in areas that aren’t exposed. More knots will mean they are susceptible to breakage.

Check The Upholstrey:

After you are satisfied with the furniture’s basic construction, you can move on to the upholstery. High-quality upholstery is made from thick, densely woven fabrics. To ensure the fabric isn’t drooping, straining, or displaying signs of wear, inspect all visible seams. Ask about the fabric’s “rub score” to determine how durable it is. The residential grade should be around 10-15,000.


Furniture for your home is a major purchase that will require you to live with it for a long time. It is different from buying a new pair of dresses. You do not have to replace furniture every six months or every year. It is a huge task and can be daunting when you start your search. It is important to ensure that the furniture you buy now will still be in your home five years later. With these guidelines, you will recognize a quality piece of furniture when you go shopping next time.

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